There is no formal connection. You may often see the same question on both sites because a lot of people cross-post (manually), a practice which is generally frowned upon, especially when the same question appears at both sites almost simultaneously and the poster doesn't mention anything about cross-posting or doesn't link to the question at the other site. ...


You have the makings of a good question. To make it acceptable, keep it brief, provide links, and do not add much that is not pertinent. I will use some of my questions as examples of what to avoid. One of my better questions (37679 on Westzynthius) has the disadvantage of including a lot of "necessary fluff": material I thought was useful to setup the ...


I don't see a problem. I suggest you change the title to a question, like "Is there a classification of reflection groups over division rings?" or "Is there a division ring analogue of the Shepard-Todd theorem?"

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