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Deleted posts visible to high reputation users

First of all, all of us make mistakes and you need not be more than mildly embarrassed by past errors. The user with the most reputation points on the site, Joel David Hamkins, has also deleted on ...
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Request to consider undeleting an answer

My apologies. — The reasons why I mistakenly deleted this answer were the following: The answer got flagged as "not an answer" by a user who usually raises helpful flags. On a first glance,...
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Deleted posts visible to high reputation users

Let me digress a bit and respond just to this part of your question: It is little embarrassing to know that my stupid answer/question is still visible to so many users. At least in the case of the ...
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Drive-By Deletion of Answer to Own Question by Moderator

My apologies for the mistaken deletion of your answer. — What led to this mistake was a combination of several circumstances: it was a self-answer of an anonymous user which got flagged as "not ...
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Looking for an answer (written by Thurston = user9062)

In fact the post was not deleted - I simply failed to find it among Thurston's (many) interesting answers! To prevent future users from suffering my fate, the right way to look for a single answer ...
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Why was my answer deleted? Cause?

I cannot speak for the people who voted to delete, but from my point of view, your answer had two problems. First, the English is written in a way that is quite difficult to parse. Phrases like "we ...
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Answer converted to comment, then reverted to answer

For full transparency, this was my request to the moderators after the answer was converted to a comment: I hope it's OK if I ask why this answer was deleted. The OP asks for intuition on the notion ...
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Is there a way to check all questions/answers posted from a deleted account

From this comment is seems that you were interested also in some additional information: That was user no in MSE. I am just checking if there are any posts in MO. user number will be same for both ...
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