The user formerly known as quid asked for his account to be deleted from MathOverflow. That was quid's own decision.


Taking Asaf's post as truth that the user requested deletion of their own account (and having no information to the contrary), I encourage people in this community to at best send their well-wishes and then drop the matter. I left math.stackexchange.com over 5 years ago for reasons that were important to me then. Time will tell whether that was a good or ...


quid has outlined his reasons for leaving in this answer (See Footnote 1), in relation to his nomination for a mod position on math.SE.


A recent discussion in comments under Alon Amit's answer prompts me to offer some reflections on quid's publicly stated feelings and judgments about MO and the differences between MO and Math.SE. I think some of this is also reflected in an interesting discussion I recently had in the MathOverflow chat room with Martin Sleziak. For me, some of quid's ...


When an account is deleted, posts made by that account on the main site with a negative score are deleted along with it. (Posts with a score ≥ 0 are preserved.) Previously all negatively scored posts on the meta site were also deleted, but this behaviour changed very recently and now all meta posts are preserved. All comments are preserved, although ...


Let me first say that I'll try to answer your question generally, not to concentrate on the specific user you're looking for. So I understand the question as: "Is it possible to find user account in situations similar this?" (Also, I will try to answer this from a viewpoint of regular users. Moderators might have some more tools at their disposal. However, ...


There is some concern that quid's contributions have disappeared. I can verify that they are still here. For example, this question was answered by quid, and the comments are still preserved. It just shows the user as "user9072".


From this comment is seems that you were interested also in some additional information: That was user no in MSE. I am just checking if there are any posts in MO. user number will be same for both right? Although it is digression from the original question (which is already perfectly answered), I might at least add something to this - which might ...

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