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Can I ask a question on MathOverflow and also on another site?

Cross-posting is discouraged in general, because it can lead to duplication of effort by people answering on different sites. However, it is appropriate under some circumstances. Most of the advice ...
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18 votes

If I can't get an answer on or, when should I post here?

Waiting a week would usually be considered reasonable.
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12 votes

Type of content to be posted on MO and differences with MathSE

It makes sense to talk about the core communities of each forum, so that it becomes easier to understand the scope and the differences. Not being active on the mathematics forum, I will give my ...
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8 votes

Asking the same (subjective) question on Math.SE and MO

In general, cross-posting is frowned upon. And rightly so, it feels like an unnecessary duplication of effort, especially when the two communities intersect on a non-trivial subset of their users. To ...
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If I can't get an answer on or, when should I post here?

The reason to wait a week or so before crossposting is to avoid having someone spend a lot of time trying to answer on one site, without realizing that it's already answered on the other. After a ...
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3 votes

Well-received but unanswered Math SE question; should I consider posting it here or requesting migration?

Gathering comments together into an answer -- There's no problem cross-posting a research-level question from MSE to MO after enough time has passed to give potential answerers a chance to post ...

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