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Is it ok to write a CW answer extracted from a comment of some user?

It's perfectly okay to do this, Praphulla. Usually that would be seen as a service to the community.
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Why was my non-big-list question made community wiki?

After consulting with the other site moderators, the decision for now was to let the CW status stand for the question at Main. But this may be a good time to revisit the discussion of some of the ways ...
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8 votes

Should "does anyone access this paper" questions be community-wiki?

At the request of Martin Sleziak I'm converting some comments into an answer. I don't really understand why questions asking for a paper should be community wiki. And, although you say it's unrelated ...
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6 votes

Derivative of reputation score over time is identically zero

The questions that you have answered on MathOverflow are all "Community Wiki" posts, and votes on these don't affect reputation. What are "Community Wiki" posts? Questions that ask for a ...
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6 votes

My answer got upvoted, but no reputation increase?

That's a community wiki answer, and you don't get any reputation for upvotes on them (nor do you lose any from downvotes). The idea behind this is that they're easy to edit (for everybody with at ...
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Apparent bug in reputation calculator

As explained in Todd Trimble's comment, It's Community Wiki. You don't gain or lose reputation points when a thread is in CW. Further reading: What are “Community Wiki” posts?
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Why is the wrong username showing up on a CW answer after a user changes names?

By my understanding, this bug was never fully fixed, although some change in the SE software circa 2011 rectified the displayed usernames on most community wiki posts at that time. For instance, the ...
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3 votes

When, precisely, should history of math questions be CW?

Unlike the three meta threads about whether history questions should be closed, I have not found a similar discussion about CW status. The following is a combination of what I distilled from the ...
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3 votes

When answers are primarily opinion based, should the question be CW?

I think the answer is "yes", by analogy with the situation of "big list" questions. Essentially, if a question is highly subjective, then it is likely to generate opinion-based ...
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2 votes

Why are there no dates on community wiki questions

Per the OP's request I am posting the link to the post on main meta about this issue: wiki questions don't show creation date. It is marked status-bydesign. But, to be honest, the explanation of ...
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Requests to remove community wiki

There are a few requests to remove CW in the comments of: The conditions in the definition of Brownian motion which was bumped recently.
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