That room was deleted, since it contained less than 15 messages, see this FAQ. I used my chat superpowers to undelete it, although it is bizarre that this happens for rooms created from comments. I've added two messages, so that this won't happen again. There seems to be a feature request to make this not happen, but apparently it is a sufficiently rare ...


From the FAQ post on migration: What is migration and how does it work? (in the section "Anything else I should know about migration?"): Comments on the question that link to the homepage of the target site will be deleted. This is to remove redundant comments that tell the author to post on that site. It is consistent with the linked post. In this case ...


Yea it's kind of ridiculous not to have that capability of atleast being notified by email when someone answer's your question or in fact any others in which u may be interested. Also haven't even seen a good answer or way to see your prior questions or answers again.

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