Vote up this answer if you think the instrument of moving a comment thread to chat should be used along the lines of Todd Trimble's comment -- i.e. only if a discussion in comments goes off-topic or becomes contentious. (Vote down if you don't think so, and leave alone if you don't care.)


I saw this just after posting a comment on a question that could be considered a partial answer, but I left it as a comment for two reasons: I am not sure it constitutes an answer since it does not address one aspect of the question (enriched categories), and Ivan asked for help understanding cutting edge techniques which I'm not sure Jacobs addresses. I ...


I think one thing that sometimes causes me to answer in a comment is if I suspect that the question, as stated, is not the one the asker meant to ask, and that seeing the answer to the question-as-stated may cause them to edit the question so that it asks something different. I don't like it when I post an answer to a question but then the question gets ...


To get a link to a comment, simply click on the timestamp next to it. (If it is your comment, be careful not to click on "Delete" by mistake.) For example, this is a link to the first comment posted below this answer. It is possible to get link to some specific comment also from other places where you might see that comment. (Such as user's ...


For full transparency, this was my request to the moderators after the answer was converted to a comment: I hope it's OK if I ask why this answer was deleted. The OP asks for intuition on the notion of an amenable action, the answer I propose refers to the measurability or existence of a mean (and I refer to where in the book cited by the OP the mean of the ...


There's a space between the [link text] and the (link itself). This is visible in e.g. SEDE:


This answer is intended for testing. Please include the source code used in the comments into the answer — so that we can check when the link works and when it doesn't. 1 $\DeclareMathOperator{\Hom}{Hom}$ [link](http://mathoverflow.net) $\Hom (U\times V,W)$ and [another link](http://mathoverflow.net). 2 $\DeclareMathOperator{\Hom}{Hom}$ [link](http://...


Rather than saying users are operating the site software the wrong way, I'd rather say the software doesn't properly reflect the way humans want to interact with the site. The solution is fix the software.

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