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How to @ a user with non-Latin characters?

I am not sure about people using mobile devices, but on desktop using comment replies doesn't seem that different for users with non-Latin usernames. If I am in a comment where such user can be pinged,...
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comment to two participants, Simultaneously

In general, you can't. However, the author of the post will automatically receive inbox notification without the @name syntax. If user A is the author, and you want to reach user B as well (someone ...
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Where has the @ gone ?

You can find the full details on how comment notifications work on meta.stackexchange. For this instance, the @ wasn't necessary since the OP is always notified ...
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Is there a way to `@` exactly one of two users whose names differ, if at all, only by whitespace?

Is there a way to @ exactly one of two users whose names differ, if at all, only by whitespace? Currently, no. According to How do comment @replies work?, spaces ...
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Why am I not getting notification for comments?

Looking at the post you linked to, it seems quite likely that you are actually asking about comments under an answer to your question and not about comments directly to your question. EDIT: The OP has ...
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Try "question feed"

Since feeds might be new to many users around here, I have created a separate chatroom for people who want to experiment with them a bit. (And maybe later decide whether they want to start using some ...
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Being notified of the comments under the answer of someone else to your post

Yea it's kind of ridiculous not to have that capability of atleast being notified by email when someone answer's your question or in fact any others in which u may be interested. Also haven't even ...
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