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Here is the CSS I was talking about: /* Unanswered questions box */ .status.unanswered, .status.unanswered .mini-counts, .status.unanswered strong { border: none; background-color: #833700; color: #FFF } /* Answered questions box */ .status.answered,.status.answered .mini-counts,.status.answered strong { border: none; background-...


This proposal is similar to the solution of Denis Nardin just that the colors are similar to the new theme but still bring back a bit of the old flair: .status.unanswered { border: 1px solid transparent; border-color: #9B764F; background-color: #e6dcd3; color: #36291b; } .status.unanswered .mini-counts, .status.unanswered .minicounts ...


This is now fixed. An explanation is given in https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/344301.

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