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I think this might be a good idea, even though the current moderators are doing a fine job overall. The last election was now seven years back, and it might be good to have fresh perspectives. Part of my concern is with recent political discussions on MO that have gotten out of hand. I am surprised not to see more moderator engagement with these issues: ...


You're using a lot of HTML in that post; that shouldn't be a problem per se but I've seen cases where this interfered with the Markdown parser (even before the migration to CommonMark). It's best to use only HTML or only Markdown within a single paragraph in your posts. Replacing **Added 4Aug2020** by <b>Added 4Aug2020</b> should do the trick, ...


This may be a bug caused by the recent migration to CommonMark, and indeed it seems to be related to the large amount of HTML (I've encountered similar issues while trying to fix broken images across the network). I've fixed it by adding an extra newline between &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; and the images. They show up now.

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