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This is what I wrote (with slight edits) at the MO chatroom: I guess I should mention that I am often in contact with my fellow moderators, especially when a sticky situation arises that I'm not sure how to handle, I'll want to consult them or get consensus. That kind of behind-the-scenes activity is of course invisible to general users. I think ...


Nope, everything is fine, no need for new elections.


I thought the community deserved a little update on the internal moderator discussions on this point. My answer below just speaks for me, but I did run it by the other moderators, and got no objections. It's my attempt to lay out our thinking, so that people have a chance to disagree. Our basic calculation is that moderator elections have the potential to ...


That room was deleted, since it contained less than 15 messages, see this FAQ. I used my chat superpowers to undelete it, although it is bizarre that this happens for rooms created from comments. I've added two messages, so that this won't happen again. There seems to be a feature request to make this not happen, but apparently it is a sufficiently rare ...


I don’t have a strong opinion in the matter, but I’m curious how many upvotes an answer that said “Nope, everything is fine, no need for new elections” would get.


Moderators should be changed at regular intervals, neither too frequent nor too infrequent, for the same reasons that department chairs, editors, members of parliament, deans, etc. should be changed at regular intervals.


The problem is caused by the fact that if a comment contains many consecutive characters without a space, the Stack Exchange software inserts invisible unicode character (\unicode{x200C}\unicode{x200B} Zero Width Non-Joiner, Zero Width Space). in the comment. There are several posts on Mathematics Meta with various suggestions what to do when this problem ...


As of last week, we also check for .net as a possible way to complete a valid domain, so will work going forward.


It seems that the new responsive design has fixed this issue:

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