The following thirteen(!) users: 

<a href="">goingfullscheme</a>  
<a href="">valua_aint_no_galois</a>  
<a href="">going-full-isomorphic</a>  
<a href="">logicians_rule</a>,  
<a href="">martintzar</a>   
<a href="">royalroadtogeometry</a>   
<a href="">bundlist</a>   
<a href="">compactbut</a>   
<a href="">faptoint</a>  
<a href="">you_dont_mess_with_ron</a>  
<a href="">ron_is_striking_back</a>  
<a href="">Emmy_to_Noether</a>   
<a href="">commutative_drinker</a> 

(and, I believe, a couple more besides) have the following characteristics in common:

<li>They've all joined in the past few days.</li>
<li>Each has asked exactly one question</li>
<li>Their questions are closely related to each other</li>
<li>Their writing styles are very similar</li>
<li>After posting their questions, they never return to engage with commenters, or to acknowledge answers</li>

I think it is not too much of a leap to conjecture that these are all the same person.  

As far as I know, there's no actual rule against having fifteen different identities (or for that matter, a hundred, as seems likely if this keeps up at this rate for a few more weeks), and no actual rule against asking questions and then systematically ignoring responses, but I still find it troubling in ways that might or might not be entirely rational on my part.  Do others share my discomfort?

Edit (YCor June 3, 2019): since the question was posted, here are a number of similar posts:

[user138661]( (account closed since then: not the original post name)<br>
[Gimme An Answer](<br>
[La fille](<br>
[Name]( (not the same as previous one)<br>

(there are a few more, for which the similarity is less obvious). In addition, this June 3, 4 of these posts have been bountied by other users: [cardinal](, [Cut the wood](, kartop_man ([this one]( and [this one]( 


**Edit:** I'll add more as I see them. Please note that these accounts have a tendency to comment on, edit, and answer each other's questions, or plan on offering each other bounties. The evidence I see points to one human in particular behind all this, and the situation is similar to that of another user and his ring of accounts a few years ago that some of you may recall, and who is now permanently banned from SE. <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>