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Maybe we could go in a similar way as on Mathematics where the usual How to Ask page is shown to a users who asks their first question. But on Mathematics the How to Ask page is slightly modified to include some additional points at the beginning. The relevant discussion on Mathematics Meta can be found here: Show “how to ask” advice before a new user asks a question.

The question is what to include there. Maybe it could look rather similar as on Mathematics.

I am making this post CW, feel free to suggest improvements in comments or directly edit the post.

To improve the chances of your question getting an answer, make sure that:

  • The question on-topic on this site, which is intended for research-level questions in Mathematics. (There are other sites for general mathematical questions.)
  • Use MathJax formatting for math formulas.
  • Provide an interesting, specific title that summarizes the question.
  • Include what you already know about the problem, some basic references, background and motivation.
  • For more detailed advice see: How to write a good MathOverflow question?

Here are some additional tips: