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Are we making it too tempting/easy to send inappropriate posts to MSE?

This "question" (asking for generalized help with a long list of elementary topics) is clearly going to be unwelcome almost anywhere, yet two users voted to close with a suggestion to "see math....
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18 votes
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Three-vote close?

MO users might be interested in this StackExchange experiment: Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites. There has been considerable discussion around close-votes in MO Meta over the ...
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10 votes
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What should you do if you find old duplicates?

Sometimes I discover that "old" MO questions are duplicates of even older MO questions. Two examples: Embarrassingly, I found out that my own question: Formula for number of permutations ...
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Dialog for closure misleading when question has been closed and re-opened

I noticed, when clicking "close" on this question: Breakthroughs in mathematics in 2023, that when a question has been closed and re-opened, and you voted to close it previously, the dialog ...
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Nominate bountied question for closure

Bountied questions cannot be closed: this prompted this meta-MO question. In the answer to that question, the reasons for this feature are explained (closure would shorten the bounty period, possibly ...
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Blocked migration to MathSE

The following MO question Why is $O(n;k)$ not connected, and has four connected components? (revisions/timeline) had the following history had a detailed answer (a) has been closed as off-topic (by ...
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Why are people trying to close this question?

Why are people trying to close this question? This was posted yesterday. There are 3 close votes so far and not a single comment from anyone.
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Merge the closing reasons "needs details" and "needs more focus"

I usually find unclear how to choose between the closing reasons "Needs details or clarity" and Needs more focus. Moreover the reasons "Off-topic because..." seem much more ...
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Can one un-(vote to close) a question without voting to reopen?

Scenario (and it actually happened): I was first to vote to close a question as too broad; OP modified the question in such way that my objection did not apply anymore; this modification resulted in ...
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"overestimates topoi" and research level

I wonder now and then, why this question is still open Did Grothendieck overestimate topoi? Usually, MO's members tend to be very strict about what is and what isn't a good question. But why is this ...
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Unable to delete this post

I have been wanting to delete this post for quite sometime. Unfortunately a user already answered and my reputation is so low that I can’t accept or delete it. Note my original question is nothing ...
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Is this post incompatible with its tags?

Is the following question incompatible with its tags? I really do not understand the reason that some participants voted to closing this question as off topic question: PhD dissertations that ...
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