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Times a question has been seen by eyeballs, or a profile has been looked over

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How can this question have more downvotes than views?

An off-topic question recently appeared on the main site. It was heavily downvoted and got deleted after only a few minutes. But at one point before the question was deleted, I noticed it had been ...
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Question visibility and reputation

I wonder whether the visibility of a post changes according to the user's reputation asking the question. Is it also known if a user's posts' visibility is affected by other actions, like having ...
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Why is my question is closed and do I get views?

I have a question about my MathOverflow post: the minimum amount of x, x(x(125x + 300) + 240) + 64 is zero, what is 5 times of x? Why is my question is closed and do I get views?
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