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Make edit history more accessible

Once a post has been edited once, there is a direct link to the revision history of the post that is visible to everyone as in this example: However, when a post has not been edited, this link is not ...
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Buttons (white-on-light grey) look like they are inactive

Many buttons on MO currently have white text on a light grey background, like this: (at least on my browser). The text is not very visible, and moreover this color scheme is often used for inactive/...
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Where is the off switch for the concurrent preview now?

I feel like an idiot but I cannot find it. Meanwhile, if the post is long and has a lot of LaTeX formulae in it, and the connection is imperfect, the wysiwyg regime is a non-stop fight. I figured out ...
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Tag suggestions on ask page

The ask page tag input box currently looks like this: The old ask page on MO 1.0 had a much more detailed description of what top-level tags on MO are: Since appropriate tagging on MO can be ...
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Is the "Related" column available before posting a question?

When asking questions, I noticed that initially the list of related questions (down on the right) is not populated, and only appears after the question is already posted. Is it really so or I am just ...
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No reputation change signals if subtracted from bounty?

Right now I am observing the following. Usually every time I get an upvote somewhere, I get a signal about it in the upper right corner. Recently I declared a bounty (and awarded it for an answer) at ...
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Why does MathOverflow keep logging me out?

I'm getting tired of logging in to MathOverflow ten times a day. The other Stack Exchange sites I use keep me logged in, and so did MathOverflow until recently. What is different about MathOverflow? ...
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Monthly reputation counts tab on Users page is wrong

On the user page, if you click on the Month tab, the mouseover says "2016-08-01 to today" but the reputation counts are too high for that period. They seem instead likely related to the past 30 days ...
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Seems to be a (minor) bug with displaying mathjax

Hardly noticeable but I still decided to report it - just noticed: at Find the number of boolean functions of n variable that satisfy the following condition one sees this The second $k$ below is ...
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How are inbox items counted?

Sometimes my inbox icon lights up with a red number, say "3", but when I click on it I see only 2 items highlighted. Sometimes when I follow the link I find that what seemed to be just 1 item is in ...
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To what extent is MO usable with console browser, not supporting javascript and images?

To what extent is MO usable with console browser, not supporting javascript and images? Say lynx/links/links2/elinks or something else? I can live with javascript killed, but on some occasions when ...
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Can I customize TeX/MathJax in Chrome?

Probably this question belongs to some general SE meta but I don't even know where it is or whether I am eligible to post there, and mostly I am using MO anyway, so if there is another more ...
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Display of differences between revisions

Being impressed by the visualisation of differences between revisions on this site (and MSE as well) I cannot resist to ask: what javascript libraries are used for this? I know that MathJax is used to ...
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Why did my profile picture disappear?

I discovered few days ago that my profile picture is gone, had to reupload it. Did anybody else encounter this? Do you know the reason?
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Button for cross posts to/from Math SE

People explained me that it is possible to ask same questions in Math SE and MO, and I did this from time to time. I think it's very important to have this possibility, because often you haven't ...
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