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Improve management tools of favorite and upvoted questions/answers

Here is my wish list: When one marks a question as favorite or upvotes it, give a chance to: Mark the question with a private tag. Add a private comment to the question. Its length could be limited ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Seeing up/down votes of your own posts

When a user reaches 1000 reputation they become an established user. With that comes the ability to see the number of up and down votes on any post. While I have no problem with this privelege being ...
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3 votes
0 answers

About votes by 101 users

Related: this So I have just run a query at SEDE, and get the following data: Upvotes cast by rep 101 users: 66626 Upvotes cast by all users: 1777003 Hence by simple calculation, we get $$\frac {...
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2 votes
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Many answers, each one with many votes

Just by curiosity: This recent question has had five answers so far, and each answer has gotten more than 10 upvotes. I think this is quite exceptional (unless the questions are CW of course). How ...
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What do you see to upvote an answer?

Question is as in the title? What makes you to up vote an answer? Most of my answers are with $0$ upvotes. I am trying to understand the reason. One of the reasons could be that mathematics that I ...
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Incentivizing ‘bad’ questions

As a 5+ year member of MO, I remember the old days when upvotes on questions only netted you 5 points as opposed to the current 10. While I was generally glad to see good questions being rewarded in a ...
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