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"tea" is the name currently used for the old meta site of MathOverflow, which is now hosted on In contrast to the current site it was not Q&A based.

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Tea archive ( seems to be down

It seems that the link (which, according to this announcement, serves as an archive of the old tea, i.e. the previous incarnation of MathOverflow Meta) no longer works. ...
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Shall we have tea?

As was recently discussed at Should meta be Q&A?, it's rather strange to have our meta site run on a Q&A basis. In the past our meta site was a Vanilla forum, and in fact it still exists, ...
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Where's the old meta?

Where's the old
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961 views deprecated

The Stack Exchange staff have asked us to remove tea (what came before meta) from the * domain, for security reasons. The content of tea will ...
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Trouble with tea?

This post has a link to this one on the old-meta-now-tea site, but when I clicked on it, I got this: A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred Technical information (for support personel): Error ...
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Can we recover old MathOverflow Meta "Tea" discussions?

Today I flagged a question as needing to be made community wiki. I thought about why, and found this old question of mine here. Carlo Beenakker helpfully linked to a thread on the old tea. Link ...
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