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For questions concerning tag-synonyms.

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26 votes
27 answers

Help cleanup tags!

This is meant to agglomerate tags that need (occasional or regular) cleanup. That is tags that mean multiple unrelated things and need to be separated into more specific tags. Please follow the ...
4 votes
3 answers

Creating theories-of-arithmetic logic tag

It seems to me that a tag for "arithmetic logic" is missing while it concerns a significant number ($\sim 500?$) of questions, which currently have no common tag other than the very broad lo....
8 votes
1 answer

Remove [tag:slick-proof] or make it a synonym of [tag:alternative-proof]

@YCor made a suggestion in an answer to another post (What is the intended use of the (proofs) tag?) a bit over a year ago. It received several upvotes, but does not appear to have been acted upon. ...
9 votes
3 answers

What should we call a tag on point-free topology?

The tag currently used for point-free topology (aka “pointless” topology) is “locales”. I think the name is a bit restrictive: while writing this question (which, indeed, does not contain the word “...
4 votes
1 answer

The tags (publishing) and (journals) - maybe change direction or cancel the synonym

At the moment there is a synonym publishing $\to$ journals. (With the tag journals as the master tag.) I think that at least for some questions tagged journals: Using a tag called publishing might be ...
4 votes
1 answer

Should [tag:feynman-integral] be a synonym of [tag:path-integral]?

The question is in the title: I see no benefit from having these two tags for essentially the same concept (particularly as the path-integral wiki excerpt refers to the path integral formulation of ...
7 votes
0 answers

`positive-characteristic` and `characteristic-p` are synonyms

I thought that tag synonyms were meant simply to be proposed and left to survive or die on their own, but I see another question in HNQ about tag synonyms, so maybe one is supposed to raise a ...
10 votes
0 answers

What to do with the synonyms for the deprecated tags?

Recently, the following tag synonyms were created by a MathOveflow moderator: abstract-algebra $\to$ ra.rings-and-algebras, geometry $\to$ mg.metric-geometry and discrete-mathematics $\to$ co....
2 votes
0 answers

Should algebraic-dynamics tag be made a synonym for arithmetic-dynamics tag?

Disclosure: On Meta at Mathematics Stack Exchange, I have asked whether an algebraic-dynamics tag should be created and made a synonym of the existing arithmetic-dynamics tag there, given the apparent ...
12 votes
1 answer

On convexity tags

The tags on convexity are convex-geometry ($\times$560), convex-analysis ($\times$ 266), convexity ($\times$ 420). Here the number is the current (2019/02/23) number of uses and I ignore some more ...
17 votes
1 answer

Noncommutative rings/algebra tags

I'm suggesting to make noncommutative-rings a synonym to noncommutative-algebra, in the same way as commutative-rings has been made to ac.commutative-algebra. Initially asked there, I'm asking it ...
12 votes
0 answers

Removal of the "symplectic" tag

There is a symplectic tag on MO that currently contains just two questions. The first question so tagged dates from March 26 2017, so this makes this tag at least 1 year and 4 months old. I believe ...
1 vote
0 answers

Synonym by a moderator which needs approval?

When I look at list of tag synonyms I see there a pending synonym rsk-correspondence $\to$ robinson-schensted-knuth and François G. Dorais♦ is listed as the creator. You can also see that this synonym ...
1 vote
0 answers

Does it make sense to have both "surfaces" and "curves-and-surfaces" tags?

I have noticed that there currently exist tags surfaces (with description "A surface is a two-dimensional topological manifold. The term can also be used to describe a smooth surface, depending on the ...
2 votes
2 answers

Can some higher power merge the enumeration and enumerative-combinatorics tags? [duplicate]

I tried to do this myself, but I do not have sufficient privileges to do so. It seems like I cannot even suggest one as a synonym of the other. As a side question, is having an approved synonym the ...
-2 votes
1 answer

Proposed merger of tags

I would like to get some reactions to the idea of merging several tags under an umbrella "infinitesimal". The motivation is that the individual tags each have few questions, and the existence of ...
11 votes
2 answers

Merge complex-analysis and cv.complex-variables?

We have distinct tags complex-analysis and cv.complex-variables, of which the latter is the arXiv standard name. They seem to mean the same thing. Should they be merged?
32 votes
1 answer

Potential "technical" obstacle to migrations, and suggestion for a solution

Practical advice: If you want to/vote to migrate something to another site (especially math.SE) please make sure that at least one of the tags on the question exists on the target site (math.SE). ...
4 votes
1 answer

Voting on suggested tag synonyms

I created a suggestion for the tag synonym 'mg.metric-geometry' <--- 'classical-geometry' two weeks ago. However, it appears to have received no votes yet, up or down. Is this delay to be expected? ...
2 votes
0 answers

Should the tags [inner-models] and [inner-model-theory] be merged?

Right now there are two tags for questions about inner model theory: inner-models and inner-model-theory. I can't see any difference in the type of questions being asked under these two tags. Should ...
5 votes
5 answers

Two tags for partially ordered sets

There are currently two tags for partially ordered sets: posets and order-theory. In my opinion, they mean the same thing. I see three posibilities. Merge the tags. Make them synonymous. Keep them as ...
12 votes
0 answers

Remove substantial tag score requirement for suggesting tag synonyms?

I have recently attempted to create the obvious tag synonym 'dg-algebras' <--- 'differential-graded-algeb'. However, my attempt was thwarted by the system's insistence that I need five total score (...