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9 votes
5 answers

What are Tips and Tricks to use MO more effectively?

The purpose of this question is to collect a list of Tips and Tricks for using MO in a more efficient or otherwise better way. If you know some trick or have a tip you want to share with your MO-...
8 votes
0 answers

Automatically fix outstanding mathjax issue involving backticks

After the transition to the stack exchange network, I have occasionally noticed posts being edited to replace occurrences of the following code (note the backticks): ...
8 votes
1 answer

How did I lose all my reputation points?

At the beginning of the summer I had around 1,172 reputation points. I didn't log on for a few months. Then, I saw that the site looked a little different and I looked at my profile and saw that I ...
-4 votes
1 answer

Request for Undelete

I hope that I am following the instructions listed at How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?. I would like ...
4 votes
1 answer

Searching for questions without a certain tag

Is it possible to search the main site for questions which do not have a certain tag?
8 votes
0 answers

Appropriate procedure for removing little used tags which are too specific

What is the correct procedure for removing tags which only have a single question, and would be better off with a less specific tag? My example is a question which was tagged 'relative-entropy'. ...
7 votes
2 answers

Loss of reputation because a "user was removed"

I just noticed that I lost 10 points of rep because "user was removed". I don't get it.
15 votes
1 answer

Tumbleweed Badge: Proper Response

Being a European, I doubtless do not fully understand the associations of the Tumbleweed badge that I have just received. Is there a MO consensus about the appropriate reaction?
3 votes
0 answers

How to ask questions during connectivity issues?

After a few hours of not being able to reach, (possibly due to DNS?), I resorted to asking a question about it on the main site. Later I posted something to a chat room, and ...
8 votes
5 answers
533 views images broken

Prior to MathJax and jsmath, MathOverflow used to generate images of mathematical equations to insert in posts (e.g. this one). That didn't last very long but all of ...
5 votes
1 answer

How do I combine my two accounts?

I made a mistake and now I have two mathoverflow accounts. I have an account on stackExchange and another account on Yahoo. How do I combine these two accounts? Is there any way? Thanks
14 votes
1 answer

Explanation of site scope in help center

Where in the new help center can I find an explanation that the scope of this site is limited to research-level math questions? There is a close reason (part of "off topic") that mentions the help ...
19 votes
2 answers

How can I log in into my old mathoverflow account?

I had a separate log in account for mathoverflow. Now, I'm unable to log in into that. I see only options of logging in using google, facebook, stack exchange etc but no option of logging using ...
3 votes
1 answer

Moving off from MO

How is the account in MO closed ? What I mean is if I want to permanently close my login ( and let others know) what do I do
8 votes
1 answer

where is the Tips and Tricks list from MO 1.0?

I asked a question at why the extra step in registering? whose solution by Shog9 I think would be worth placing in the Tips and Tricks list. But I don't see the Tips and Tricks anymore in the right ...
8 votes
3 answers

why the extra step in registering?

On other stackexchange sites, when an unregistered user logs in we can enter a name and password into an Open ID page, and once that is accepted we are taken to the front page for that stackexchange ...
8 votes
1 answer

I am not being notified when my question is answered

I have opted to be notified when my question is responded to even if not a full answer but I have received not such notification??
0 votes
1 answer

How do I login to my old MathOverflow account?

I realise that this question has been asked in various forms already, but I still have a problem. I have an old MathOverflow account and a ...
3 votes
1 answer

Broken links in old answers

Today I came across this question, and noticed that the link given in the first answer was broken in a funny way. The link was given as plain text, and the system automatically converted it to a ...
2 votes
1 answer

Disappearing post to meta

About 30 hours ago, I posted an item on meta that was not here 12 hours later. What's going on?
1 vote
0 answers

Old account login issue [duplicate]

Here is a link to my old account, to which I used to log on using google: When I try to log in with the same google account, I get "user35394" ...
30 votes
2 answers

On the current color scheme, and why it sucks

Being color blinded is not very easy. You end up wearing black shirts and blue jeans, because it's easier. When you look at a computer monitor sometimes the red and green mix together, all sort of ...
23 votes
1 answer

Why are MO accounts not listed among other SE accounts?

When I go look at my accounts in SE network, mathoverflow is not listed there. (You can get to the list of accounts, for example, from your profile page. Other SE accounts are listed on profile page.) ...
2 votes
1 answer

Questions and Answers missing

List of my questions and my answers have disappeared in the new updated version today, though the data about how long I have been member, my location etc are intact. The reputation points have come ...

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