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Users without full edit privileges can suggest edits to posts and tag wikis

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One more reason to reject an edit: too much alteration

I encountered this now, and have seen it quite frequently before: I would like to reject an edit, and the reason is something between "attempt to reply" and "clearly conflicts with author's intent". ...
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Suggest edits while over 2000 rep

At 2000 rep, users gain the privilege that edits are applied immediately, and loses the ability to suggest edits. However, sometimes I find that I would prefer to suggest edits and leave it up to the ...
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Feature Request: Information about last update before a Suggested Edit

When I'm reviewing suggested edits, part of the overall context is whether or not the question is on or near the front page. If someone wants to add mathjax, or fix a silly typo, or add commas, I'm ...
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