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Indicates that a feature request has been implemented, a bug has been fixed, or another type of request has been processed.

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Revamping the closure reasons

Motivation 1 Currently the custom off-topic reasons for MathOverflow read: This question does not appear to be about research level mathematics within the scope defined in the help center. ...
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Watched tags highlighting lost

On both Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 and Safari Version 14.1.1 running on MacOS 10.15.7, I've lost the color-highlighting of front-page Top Questions in my Watched Tags list. Is this just my problem, ...
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10 votes
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Enabling MathJax over https

MathOverflow (and indeed all the StackExchange sites) support https connections. However MathJax is currently broken, because the default server for the MathJax distribution doesn't support https. ...
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Wrong message for closing questions as off-topic

I was just reviewing the queue for closing votes, and I noticed that the message displayed in the options for closing as off-topic was: off-topic because... This question does not appear to be ...
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8 votes
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Icon for citation helper

On the main MathOverflow site (and also on math.stackexchange) the icon for the citation helper, which used to look as below, has recently confusingly changed to a "B", identical to the icon at the ...
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Can we bring back the question about Gauss-Legendre nodes and weights?

The question Computing Gauss Legendre Quadrature for Large N was voluntarily removed by its author, after I implied (with a link to Wikipedia) that the answer was trivial and well-known. I have ...
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7 votes
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Projective geometry tags

Would it make sense to merge the tag projective-plane and projective-space into projective-geometry? It doesn't seem useful to have to search for each of these separately.
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Math Overflow not available as a chat parent user

I was configuring the Teacher's Lounge ping for MO when I realized that currently, the option to change chat parent user to MO is not available. Could this be added? Also, superpings don't seem to ...
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4 votes
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Chat does not appear in the sidebar

The chat doesn't seem to appear in the sidebar on the main site (although it does on Meta). ManishEarth has suggested that this might be due to the no-ads agreement. I think it would be useful to have ...
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Failed to upload image; imgur is rejecting the request | Close

Why would imgur reject an image upload request? Temporary problem, or a problem with the particular image? I've tried several images, all small (<100KB). The error message is not very informative......
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Disabled button not visible in flag dialog

Since a while, it's possible to retract a flag by opening the flag dialog again and clicking the 'Retract flag' button. Of course, if the flag is already handled, retracting isn't possible. In this ...
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Merging accounts

I have long been away from these forums. If I recall correctly, I used to login from my Google account. Still, my Google account seems to be no more tied to my original MathOverflow account https://...
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2 votes
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First closed question has default fields in explanation

See <>, where the reasons for closing are slightly too relevant/not relevant at all. How many of these fields are ...
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How to merge old mathoverflow account?

I know that this question has been asked and answered here: How can I log in into my old mathoverflow account? I have e-mailed the stackoverflow admins twice, but nothing has happened for 48h now. ...
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