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For questions about the review queues.

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Reviewing first posts that are answers or late answers

When reviewing first posts that are answers or late answers to questions that have existing answers I invariably go to the original question to see these answers since I want to check if these new ...
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MathJax in suggested edits

Pages like display suggested edits for review. The original and edited versions are displayed in parallel columns with the differences highlighted....
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When reviewing suggested edits, cancel rejection and approval votes

I have seen many edit suggestions approved which I consider to be minor edits to old posts (which bump them to the front page), or to actually reduce the quality or readability of the post. Other ...
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Can't submit edit review

I was prompted to review some edits with the little dot in the upper right hand corner, but when I went to do my editorial duty I found that only the 'skip' button was clickable: I tried selecting ...
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Reviewing questions outside one's expertise

The review system is rigged to nudge users into action rather than non-action. This means that when someone opens a review, if they want to review, there is a good chance that they will act on a low ...
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My closed question was never reviewed to be reopened

Two weeks ago I posted this question: What is a good formalization of this classic math puzzle? The question was closed within hours (presumably based on a misunderstanding), I made some edits a few ...
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Feature Request: Information about last update before a Suggested Edit

When I'm reviewing suggested edits, part of the overall context is whether or not the question is on or near the front page. If someone wants to add mathjax, or fix a silly typo, or add commas, I'm ...
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Duplication of left-side links in review

I'm getting a weird bug when trying to review one question: The left side links (including the MO banner) are duplicating, and the question itself ...
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Reviewing after flagging

Several times, I've seen an inappropriate post under "new questions", flagged it, found it in a queue, and been unable to review it (specifically, unable to flag it, and so unable to click the "I'm ...
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