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"In the past one and half years, Stack Overflow has lost 50% of its traffic."

In a tweet by Mahesh Sathiamoorthy, I saw a chart showing a substantial recent drop: Two questions: (1) Is this accurate? (2) What does the analogous chart for MathOverflow show? (I can't remember ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Happy tenth anniversary! How did you celebrate?

Question 1 was a test question posted about ten years ago from this one (give or take about an hour). There's been a bit going on since then with the main forum. This post is a place for celebrants ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Two traffic observations and questions

The MathOverflow traffic (page views, visits, new visits) shows steady and possibly increasing activity over the last $2+$ yrs. The chart below runs from 2019-Jul-07 on the left and 2021-Nov-04 on the ...
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Updated questions

The following question of mine frequently appears as recently updated question so I frequently find it at front page. But neither me nor other participants did any revise or edit on this post and its ...
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1 answer

Giving a question a recent "activity" though nothing is visible?

It happens occasionally that a question is marked "Active: Today" but clicking on this doesn't show any recent activity. I guess that this happens whenever somebody deletes his/her answer. So far so ...
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