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Can we please reopen the colorful language in mathematics question?

A long time ago, the question What are some examples of colorful language in serious mathematics papers? was closed because someone posted a copy of Spencer Bloch's review of Milne's Étale ...
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My closed question was never reviewed to be reopened

Two weeks ago I posted this question: What is a good formalization of this classic math puzzle? The question was closed within hours (presumably based on a misunderstanding), I made some edits a few ...
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1 vote
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Should this question be reopened

Given the comments, should this question be reopened Is |A| < |B| possible if A->B is surjective? With a negative score, no answers and closed it will be automatically deleted, losing the ...
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I want to answer a closed question

Please reopen this question: A problem of an infinite number of balls and an urn I have a nice answer. (Added (DR): now re-opened. Please note there are ten deleted nonsense answers, which I imagine ...
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