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Questions tagged [privileges]

This tag is for problems and suggestions for the privileges gained by reputation on the main site and on meta.

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16 votes
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Change reputation required to post on meta back to 5 reputation points

Typically, Stack Exchange sites have the restriction that only users with at least 5 reputation points on the main site can post on meta. In this regard, MathOverflow is different. (It is listed also ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Suggest edits while over 2000 rep

At 2000 rep, users gain the privilege that edits are applied immediately, and loses the ability to suggest edits. However, sometimes I find that I would prefer to suggest edits and leave it up to the ...
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Gaining points for posting

How do I earn 50 points to comment if I am not allowed to comment or post? So my problem is as described as far you can see.
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