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Questions tagged [post-ban]

A post ban means that a user is blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.

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4 votes
2 answers

"Scope" of being blocked from asking

As you know well, when one attempts to delete a question that has already received an answer, the following message is displayed. "Repeated deletion of answered questions can result in your ...
0 votes
1 answer

How can the question ban be removed:

The question is deleted and then I'm banned on MO after I asked the following question on MO earlier ( it's first asked on MSE then after sometime with no answer; I asked on MO) : https://math....
6 votes
1 answer

Why can't I post my question on MO anymore

It seems that my account in MO has been blocked. My post is no more accepted, saying that we are no more accepting post from this account. How can I get my account unblocked?
-3 votes
1 answer

Why MO community forbide me and discourage me to do my research and to post my questions?

I'm confused why MO community forbids me many times to ask question however the last question that I have posted wasn't negative , Really this method of dealing is discouraging me and discourage all ...
1 vote
1 answer

What I can do if my questions limit had been reached in MO from long time?

Really, I'm interested in posting new questions in MathOverflow such that I have some unanswered questions in S.E which I want to post them in MO, but my questions limit had been reached for some ...
2 votes
1 answer

Can I be blocked for posting a lot of questions even if I delete them?

My question: Does the StackExchange system still count questions that I've deleted toward my potential of being blocked?