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Questions tagged [migration]

The process of migrating off-topic questions from one Stack Exchange site to another.

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Undelete a post

Is there any possibility of undeleting a post? I know it was closed years ago as not MO level. So maybe it could be undeleted and then moved to MSE? Just because it hosts a discussion which is ...
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Is this question migratable to MO?

Is it worth migrating this question to MO, from math.SE? It seems elementary but did not get any response on MSE even after 10 days.
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Why is my question on martingales off-topic and not migrated?

Here is my question: I said in the beginning to please migrate if needed. Could it be on-topic ...
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Ability to flag for migration to other stackoverflow sites

Currently on mathoverflow, flags can be set for questions to be migrated to meta.mathoverflow, math.stackexchange, and stats.stackexchange. However, there are often questions that belong on other ...
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Recommending to move the question to another site

I am trying to recommend to move the question to another SE site. When I press the corresponding button, the menu pops up which offers me choices: meta, MathSE, stats. And no more choices. How can I ...
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Migration site list lacks entries

The question What is the integral of temperature over space called? obviously belongs elsewhere. Most probably the proper place is physics.SE, but in any case not here on meta, not on math.SE, and not ...
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Would the question "Fourier series is to Fourier transform what Laurent series is to …?" be on topic at MO?

I asked the question Fourier series is to Fourier transform what Laurent series is to …? over at MSE, since that's where my questions usually belong to. But since I couldn't find any resources on it, ...
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Possible bug in migration

Moving back my question to MO I have given link for question as References on Gerbes. This I have done using my computer. Now when I check it from my iPad It is taking me back to meta question. I ...
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Is it possible to add an option to migrate to a programming site?

There have been a number of questions in the Close part of Review lately which were basically asking for help creating an algorithm to do some mundane task (see here, here, here for example). I wonder ...
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