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Questions tagged [migration]

The process of migrating off-topic questions from one Stack Exchange site to another.

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Probability question migrated to stats.stackexchange

What has happened to the following question?: Firstly, it looks like a reasonable question to me (although the notation could be improved). Why was it ...
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Can I migrate this question to Mathoverflow?

I asked the question "Which sets occur as boundaries of other sets in topological spaces?" on MathStackExchange on June 23, thinking that the answer is probably known, but there are no answers yet. ...
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Blocked migration to MathSE

The following MO question Why is $O(n;k)$ not connected, and has four connected components? (revisions/timeline) had the following history had a detailed answer (a) has been closed as off-topic (by ...
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Should my question be migrated?

I asked a question about the time-complexity of a problem on MathOverflow. Is it a good idea to migrate this to Theoretical Computer Science, since I almost had no response at all here?
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Non-research level question

I just gave an answer to the following question: but I think the ...
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Migrated question and email notification

It seems that a migrated question does not appear in the email notifications of its tags. Question: Should it appear? By migrated question I mean a question migrated on mathoverflow, and by e-mail ...
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The (tag-removed) tag and migration

Occasionally I have seen that for low-level questions (such as introductory calculus exercises or similar level) some user replaced the tags by the tag-removed tag1 - to indicate that the question is ...
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How about a way to flag a question for migration to another site without down voting it

If the question is valid, it seems churlish to down-vote it, especially since doing so affects the user's reputation adversely. Sure, it's a mistake to ask a question on the wrong SE site, but I don't ...
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Redirection for off-topics posts

At the moment there are three choices in the Closing > Off-Topics > Migration tab. Shouldn't the other stackexchange websites and
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Can I migrate this question about the divergence of an infinite product to Mathoverflow?

I thought this problem was just an homework-level but it turned out neither two of my professors in the area of analysis nor users active in mathstackexchange could give me a complete solution. The ...
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Ability to flag for migration to other stackoverflow sites

Currently on mathoverflow, flags can be set for questions to be migrated to meta.mathoverflow, math.stackexchange, and stats.stackexchange. However, there are often questions that belong on other ...
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Recommending to move the question to another site

I am trying to recommend to move the question to another SE site. When I press the corresponding button, the menu pops up which offers me choices: meta, MathSE, stats. And no more choices. How can I ...
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Migration site list lacks entries

The question What is the integral of temperature over space called? obviously belongs elsewhere. Most probably the proper place is physics.SE, but in any case not here on meta, not on math.SE, and not ...
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