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There is no Meta Meta Mathoverflow, so questions about this very site just get this tag.

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16 votes
0 answers

Change reputation required to post on meta back to 5 reputation points

Typically, Stack Exchange sites have the restriction that only users with at least 5 reputation points on the main site can post on meta. In this regard, MathOverflow is different. (It is listed also ...
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12 votes
0 answers

To which extent should spam posts on meta be considered a problem?

MathOverflow is one of the few sites in the Stack Exchange network where users with reputation 1 can post on meta.1 Clearly, this has some advantages2 and some disadvantages. Probably one of the ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Discrepancy between MathOverflow logo and this site's logo

There is a slight difference between the sizes of the boxes in the MO logo and the Meta.MO logo. The MO logo's box is slightly longer and the gap in the rightmost side is slightly less tall. The ...
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