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Can I ask a question here whose answer I did not get at math.stackexchange?

I have asked a question about solution of heat equation at math.stackexchange but no one answered. I think may be the question is too professional to be asked from learners. As this platform is for ...
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Re-Posting on Math.StackExchange

Here is the link to question: Counterexample Required (Standard Notations) Perhaps it seems that I am being overly impulsive by posting this (and maybe that is right). But after looking at all the ...
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Button for cross posts to/from Math SE

People explained me that it is possible to ask same questions in Math SE and MO, and I did this from time to time. I think it's very important to have this possibility, because often you haven't ...
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Asking the same (subjective) question on Math.SE and MO

I asked a question a couple of years ago on MathStackexchange which was quite popular. I would like to ask it on MathOverflow as well, since I'd be interested in the answers there. But I'm never ...
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