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26 votes
1 answer

Should I start posting my questions on MO?

I have been a member of MO and of math.SE for a long time now. My participation in MO has been mainly lurking because I am not a researcher but a student who aims to become one. So, logically, I have ...
10 votes
1 answer

posting an unanswered Math.SE question on MathOverflow

I have a question on Math.SE which hasn't received any responses. Is it alright to repost it to MathOverflow? If so, how long should I wait before doing so?
32 votes
1 answer

Potential "technical" obstacle to migrations, and suggestion for a solution

Practical advice: If you want to/vote to migrate something to another site (especially math.SE) please make sure that at least one of the tags on the question exists on the target site (math.SE). ...
22 votes
6 answers

Homework and migrating to

As many people have noticed, one of the main functions of is to be a place for students to get other people to do their homework for them. Obviously we do not want to facilitate such cheating....