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Are we making it too tempting/easy to send inappropriate posts to MSE?

This "question" (asking for generalized help with a long list of elementary topics) is clearly going to be unwelcome almost anywhere, yet two users voted to close with a suggestion to "see math....
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Allow questions to be closed as duplicates of questions on

We frequently have questions that are crossposted, e.g. The only options for now are to close as off-topic, ...
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Between math stack exchange and mathoverflow

Suppose that I posted a question on mathstack exchange and no one has answered it. In my opinion it is not enough reason to post it on mathoverflow but if I also awarded a bounty and still didn't get ...
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Are these questions of mine, (seemingly too hard for MSE?), suitable for MO?

The questions at issue are this and this. If they get no answer even after the end of bounties, might I post to MO? And how about evaluating $\displaystyle \sum_{m=0}^\infty \sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{(-...
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Can I migrate this question to Mathoverflow?

I asked the question "Which sets occur as boundaries of other sets in topological spaces?" on MathStackExchange on June 23, thinking that the answer is probably known, but there are no answers yet. ...
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On a question previously posted on Math .SE

Some days ago I have asked this question but I got no response. Will it be ok if I post this question in this site (I am asking this because crossposting isn't generally welcomed in this site)? Also ...
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Thread for asking about suitability of math.SE question on MO?

Often there are questions of the type: "I have posted this question on math.SE. No satisfactory answer so far. Would this question be suitable for MathOverflow?" People ask this in various places: ...
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Migrating question from Math SE

I posted this question on Math SE a month ago but it has had no responses even though I also placed a bounty on it. Whilst it is at graduate level, I'm unsure whether to ask it here since the ...
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Is this measure theory question suitable for MO?

A moderator at Mathematics StackExchange asks if this question would be suitable for migration to MO:
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I want to post a question on MathOverflow, but is it suitable?

I posted a question "A question on the remainders of integer division" on Mathematics one week ago. There is not any answer until now. I do not think it is a question of professional level, but it ...
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Encouraging patience on cross-posts

I realize that there has been a lot of discussion about cross-posting an migrating between MO and MSE. It seems to me that it is common for someone to be unsure on whether a question is an MSE ...
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Advice to young mathematicians question on Mathematics Stack Exchange

(I don't know if this is on-topic on MathOverflow-meta. In case it is not, please, let me know.) I see that many active users of MathOverflow are not as active on Math Stack Exchange; for this reason,...
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Can I migrate this question about the divergence of an infinite product to Mathoverflow?

I thought this problem was just an homework-level but it turned out neither two of my professors in the area of analysis nor users active in mathstackexchange could give me a complete solution. The ...
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Should this be moved to math.stackexchange?

I posted Lower bound on Carmichael Function and just assumed it belonged here, but after thinking about it for some time I'm not so sure. The Carmichael function itself might be encountered by other ...
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Can I ask a question here whose answer I did not get at math.stackexchange?

I have asked a question about solution of heat equation at math.stackexchange but no one answered. I think may be the question is too professional to be asked from learners. As this platform is for ...
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Button for cross posts to/from Math SE

People explained me that it is possible to ask same questions in Math SE and MO, and I did this from time to time. I think it's very important to have this possibility, because often you haven't ...
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