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Questions tagged [markdown-preview]

Questions about the live Markdown preview of posts as they're being typed.

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Feature request: question title should appear above question preview

Just a minor niggle - when I'm reviewing my question, one of the things I want to review is the title. It would be nice if the title appeared just above the preview of my question, so I could review ...
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Can Mathjax preview be switched off?

I recently typed an answer with a few formulas in it. While I was typing, my browser constantly reloaded the preview part below the typing window. Because MathJax apparently does three passes over the ...
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6 votes
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Dollar sign in image title works in preview, but not in actual post

I was just trying to clean up Understanding why $\pi_{3}(N) = \mathbb{Z}_{(2n, n^2)}$? , which was originally almost entirely cut-and-pasted images without any alternate text. For the first image, I ...
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Missing brackets in $\{x\}$ in drafts, not missing in the final question/product

I am using the latest version of Firefox on Linux (bodhi linux) as well as Mac and Windows. Some $\LaTeX$ is not typeset correctly in MathOverflow: whenever I type a set, like the singleton $\{x\}$, ...
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Preview failing to parse double backslash in large matrices?

A couple of times now, I've been entering a large matrix here or on math.SE and, in the preview window, all the rows appear on a single line. Once the question posts, it displays correctly. I most ...
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Including a hash character (#) in a math equation causes it to not render (in new-question page)

I want to ask a question about a paper that uses this notation: However, when I typeset it in MathJax with ...
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Braces are not rendered in MathJax in the preview of a question

I am using Firefox 94.0.1, with no user scripts. I have a few add-ons, which I can list if needed, but, since the behaviour does not always occur, they cannot always be interfering. My renderer is <...
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Some arrows in commutative diagrams in comments are wrongly interpreted as @-notifications; and a bonus question about CDs on MMO

I left the following comment on Pullbacks in this category of vector spaces are intersections: Are the morphisms in your category isometries? Otherwise, I'm not sure why the category is left ...
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