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Questions tagged [images]

For questions concerning using images in questions, image hosting, etc.

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ImageShack images turning into ad banners

It's been fairly well known for some time that ImageShack is a poor image host for Stack Exchange, because they frequently delete old images and replace them with placeholders. Recently, however, ...
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What is the status of the imgur images on MathOverflow?

Many posts on MO contain a link to Such links can be created outside the Stack Exchange network - if somebody simply creates a picture on imgur. But some of them might have been uploaded ...
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Will the closure of Gfycat affect MO?

Gfycat is a hosting service for (animated) GIF files, which will close on September 1st, 2023. Since some MO users might have included GIF files hosted on Gfycat in their posts, does the service's ...
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Dollar sign in image title works in preview, but not in actual post

I was just trying to clean up Understanding why $\pi_{3}(N) = \mathbb{Z}_{(2n, n^2)}$? , which was originally almost entirely cut-and-pasted images without any alternate text. For the first image, I ...
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Imgur image inaccessible

I noticed when this question, How do these primes jump?, was bumped to the front page, the image I posted: will no longer load. Possibly my local problem?
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Failed to upload image; imgur is rejecting the request | Close

Why would imgur reject an image upload request? Temporary problem, or a problem with the particular image? I've tried several images, all small (<100KB). The error message is not very informative......
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Why did my profile picture disappear?

I discovered few days ago that my profile picture is gone, had to reupload it. Did anybody else encounter this? Do you know the reason?
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