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These questions are the most frequently asked and answered questions on Meta.

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134 votes
60 answers

Best of MathOverflow, or papers inspired by MathOverflow

This is a place to collect MathOverflow success stories! Was some of your research inspired by something on MathOverflow? Do you know questions & answers that led to interesting research? ...
38 votes
5 answers

History of MathOverflow

What is history of this site? When and by whom was it created? What were the important milestones of this site?
17 votes
3 answers

Frequently asked questions about tagging on MathOverflow

Due to several discussions on the main site, I am asking this question concerning the best practices for tagging questions on MathOverflow. Unfortunately, the relevant documentation page https://...
21 votes
1 answer

Can I ask a question on MathOverflow and also on another site?

Sometimes one might ask a question on a website such as Mathematics Stack Exchange which is comparable but not identical to MathOverflow, and then decide to post the same question on MathOverflow. ...
42 votes
2 answers

Who owns my MathOverflow posts?

Does Stack Exchange or MathOverflow own my posts? Can I reuse my posts elsewhere? Do I need to cite MathOverflow if I want to reuse my posts elsewhere?
73 votes
1 answer

Who owns MathOverflow?

Is MathOverflow a subsidiary of Stack Exchange? Did MathOverflow lose its independence when it migrated to the Stack Exchange network?
14 votes
4 answers

Frequently Asked Questions: MathOverflow FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for MathOverflow What kind of questions can I ask here? What kind of questions should I not ask here? What about open problems? Where's the rule that says I have to wear ...
51 votes
4 answers

How to write a good MathOverflow question?

How do I write a good MathOverflow question? Got any advice for me?
18 votes
1 answer

Where's the old meta?

Where's the old
84 votes
0 answers

Donations to MathOverflow, Inc

Long time followers of MathOverflow will know that as well as the website, hosted by StackExchange, and moderated by the moderation team with all of your help, there is an independent 501(c)(3) ...
3 votes
1 answer

What are the Frequently Asked Questions on meta?

Some questions on meta are tagged faq. What does this mean? I wanted to tag a questions faq but it does not work and I wonder why and how I could get this tag on my question? Relatedly, what ...
12 votes
3 answers

How to turn off the MathJax preview?

The constant compiling of MathJax while composing a post is undesirable for me. How can I stop the MathJax preview? Is there a way to turn off the MathJax preview? Where is the button to switch off ...
7 votes
4 answers

How should I use the meta-tags [feature-request], [bug], [support], and [discussion]?

On meta, each post must be classified into one of four classes. Which should I use? Note that in addition to these four classes there are numerous other tags on meta that can and should be used in ...
24 votes
2 answers

Editing etiquette

What are some general guidelines for editing a MathOverflow post? Are there some "do"s and "don't"s I should know about? (The material that was previously in this question box has been moved to an ...
48 votes
1 answer

How is this site different from Mathematics Stack Exchange?

I've just spotted this site on the blogs. At least that's where I think I saw it first. How is this site different from
11 votes
2 answers

Best way to post graphics to MO

What is the best way to include graphics in a question or an answer on MO? I searched the help but could not find instructions about how to post graphics. I also looked at a couple of Joseph O'...
40 votes
3 answers

What shall we do with stone soup?

Sometimes, a question is asked that isn't up to the standards of MathOverflow. Maybe it's worded vaguely, maybe it's too open ended, or maybe the asker fundamentally misunderstood something important. ...
8 votes
1 answer

How to (re)tag such that migration works?

As discussed elsewhere it is crucial that a question that should be migrated has a matching tag on the target site (otherwise the migration is rejected and the question closed on the source site). ...
16 votes
1 answer

Who are the MathOverflow moderators?

Where can I find the list of MathOverflow moderators? How can I contact them?
17 votes
4 answers

What do moderators do?

What do moderators do? Is it just a matter of dealing with posts flagged for moderator attention, or are there other things too?