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What should you do if you find old duplicates?

Sometimes I discover that "old" MO questions are duplicates of even older MO questions. Two examples: Embarrassingly, I found out that my own question: Formula for number of permutations ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Two copies of a question

There are two cases in the last hour of questions which have appeared twice, with both copies appearing pretty much simultaneously: 313547 = 313548 313550 = 313551 Coincidence or bug? EDIT: I ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Partial answer accepted, thinking it could have been easily extended and provided enough insights

Some days ago I posted a question and I accepted an answer, "although it’s only a very partial answer," as the answer author wrote in a comment. I accepted it because I thought that it ...
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Are there some situations when duplicates are not shown among linked questions?

I was under the impression that if Question A is closed as a duplicate of Question B then they are linked, meaning that if you view Question A then you will see Question B in the sidebar among linked ...
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Not a duplicate, but

Just encountered two questions, ADE type Dynkin diagrams and Is there a common genesis for ADE classifications? IMO, they are very-very similar, but this is not really a duplicate case, rather, ...
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What should I do if I want to ask an almost duplicate question?

There already exists a question very like the one I want to ask, with a very partial answer by the OP. I want to ask the same question but restricted to a special case, for which I hope more can be ...
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