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This tag is aimed for discussions about etiquette: how to behave on the site and the chat.

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Should I rewrite my question, or create a new one

I posed this question two days ago, which effectively asks "Has X hard-to-describe special case on Barnette's Conjecture been proven?". In retrospect, I believe it was a poor question. What I now ...
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Risqué and uninformative title.

I found the previous title of Realizing proper pure octonions as conjugates slightly risqué and also uninformative. So in the spirit of being bold I just changed it to something mathematical. I'...
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Difference between Mathematics SE and MathOverflow

If I post a question that I invented myself on Mathematics SE, I receive comments like "did you do homework?" and, eventually, "why do you ask if you know?". Fair enough. It seems ...
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Is it bad practice to edit my own question with details from the paper provided in the top answer?

I asked a question and received a helpful answer that showed me work that I did not know how to search for. The answer was a link to the author's paper and some context on its relevance. While I could ...
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Politeness on MO/MetaMO

On at least two occasions some advanced MO users included in their comments phrases which were less than polite. I hope that these are isolated instances or else I would quietly and simply leave MO ...
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Is it allowed to use images for pasting math formula?

Is it allowed to use images to paste math formula in ? I think this is high efficiency, and few people search math questions by LaTeX.
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