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Tell what's been modified

On the page of "top questions" that opens when I go to, each question is accompanied by information about what happened to it most recently. The information consists of "asked" or "...
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Risqué and uninformative title.

I found the previous title of Realizing proper pure octonions as conjugates slightly risqué and also uninformative. So in the spirit of being bold I just changed it to something mathematical. I'...
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Discreet editing

After I edited someone's Question or Answer, it feels real awkward to see my name mentioned in front of the author of the respective Q. or A. I feel that instead of displaying editor's name there ...
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May I borrow the question/answer editing/preview gadgets?

That is, I really like the feel and responsiveness of these gadgets (much better than LyX, for instance) and would like to use them offline. Is this actually possible? Are there licensing issues? ...
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Interpretation of Time-limit for Editing Comments

Yesterday I had written a comment and, after 4 minutes began editing it. After having finished my editing, I tried to save the comment and was prompted with the message, that editing is only possible ...
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About the option of editing comments - a different algorithm?

There is a 5 minute limit on editing comments. Perhaps the idea is to keep the flow of the thread faithful (to avoid distortions--or even manipulations--of a discussion). However I happen to be quite ...
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On: Graph Theory is the s(c/l)um of Topology (?)

Recently a question got asked that effectively asked for the origin of the quote "Graph theory is the scum of topolgy" indicating it might not be the exact quote but something along these lines. ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What should I do about a wrong tag added by an editor?

I posted a question and tagged it "infinite-sequences". A high-reputation editor added a more general tag: ca.analysis-and-odes. Now, in principle, having a more general tag is fine---but this tag is ...
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What to do if an answer was subjected to a minor formatting-only edit?

Recently an answer of mine ( was edited (or rather, a suggested edit was approved by two other users). The edit consisted exclusively of minor formatting changes, ...
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10 votes
0 answers

When reviewing suggested edits, cancel rejection and approval votes

I have seen many edit suggestions approved which I consider to be minor edits to old posts (which bump them to the front page), or to actually reduce the quality or readability of the post. Other ...
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Screwed up LaTeX when presenting edited posts for approval [duplicate]

In about one of every 4 cases when I am asked to approve an edit, the comparison page that shows the suggested edits suffers from incorrect rendering of LaTeX, which often makes both the original and ...
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16 votes
5 answers

Do we have an unofficial quota on how many old questions one should bump for minor edits in a single day?

I noticed tonight that a well-intentioned user has been doing a lot of minor edits of formatting of old questions with the effect of filling most of the active question list with old questions bumped ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Enable saving draft questions and answers

As in the title - please, enable saving drafts of questions and drafts of answers, and returning to them on my next visit to MO. I am very slow in putting my thoughts into print. I Leave them for ...
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Formatting Sandbox

The purpose of this thread is to enable people to check if their formatting works and to play around with their MathJax code. Quoting from Bill Dubuque's Formatting Sandbox on meta.math.SE: To use ...