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To which extent can one modify another's question?

One highly off-topic question of real analysis was asked in the main site by a new user. One user sent, 1 hour later, a long answer going far beyond the the question, and then, 12 hours later, edited ...
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Vandalism edits by apparently-anonymous users

There is an answer to an old community wiki question that was edited about 45 mins ago to make it sexually explicit, with a second attempted edit pending approval to make it even more so. I rejected ...
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Why can't I edit my own deleted questions?

I recently asked a question, thought about it, decided to delete it, and I wanted to add a short note after deleting it explaining why I removed the question. It turns out, I couldn't edit the ...
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One more reason to reject an edit: too much alteration

I encountered this now, and have seen it quite frequently before: I would like to reject an edit, and the reason is something between "attempt to reply" and "clearly conflicts with author's intent". ...
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When reviewing suggested edits, cancel rejection and approval votes

I have seen many edit suggestions approved which I consider to be minor edits to old posts (which bump them to the front page), or to actually reduce the quality or readability of the post. Other ...
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How is TeX rendered in edit summaries?

I recently edited a question Dynkin type classification for 2-dimensional hypersurfaces in non-commutative space, and entered as my edit summary "$<x,y>$ -> $\langle x,y\rangle$" <...
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Misspelling of Cauchy-Schwarz

As a comment of Dennis Serre, the correct spelling of Cauchy-Schwarz is Cauchy-Schwarz (not Cauchy-Schwartz): The spelling is Cauchy-Schwarz, from Hermann Schwarz. If you are interested in Fourier ...
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Editing an old post to add MathJax

Sometimes I come across an old post which does not use MathJax. Is it OK to edit such a post if the edit improves readability? This question (and its answers) motivated this post. I know some users ...
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Suggest edits while over 2000 rep

At 2000 rep, users gain the privilege that edits are applied immediately, and loses the ability to suggest edits. However, sometimes I find that I would prefer to suggest edits and leave it up to the ...
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Compulsive question editing

There is a user that is modifying a lot of question in the last couple of hours, in particular, converting to latex any plain text that he considers that should be in math mode. It is getting annoying ...
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How can I see the line length available for long mathematical expressions in posting on MO?

In typing up a question (or answer) on MO, I try to format a long mathematical expression so that it fits in one line. When I meet with apparent success, as shown in the wysiwyg box underneath the box ...
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Deprecating an old link

This question comes from this list of edits: An old answer included a link to a now-deprecated website (which has been taken over by a porn website); a ...
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MathJax in edited question title gets badly mis-parsed in diff view

A recent question received an edit to its MathJax, including in the title. Viewing the diff in the edit history, the edited MathJax in the title gets very badly mis-parsed in the diff view, as shown ...
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Is it possible to change the author of a problem on mathoverflow?

By a mistake I have written the problem Is "weakly good" series in a finite-dimensional Banach space "good"? from my account instead of writing it from the account of Lviv Scottish ...
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Making my post easier to read

I tried to make this post easier to read but find it extremely difficult to get through grammatical-wise. I'm wondering if there is someone who can correct the grammar of this post or rewrite the ...
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Risqué and uninformative title.

I found the previous title of Realizing proper pure octonions as conjugates slightly risqué and also uninformative. So in the spirit of being bold I just changed it to something mathematical. I'...
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Unable to delete this post

I have been wanting to delete this post for quite sometime. Unfortunately a user already answered and my reputation is so low that I can’t accept or delete it. Note my original question is nothing ...
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