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Increase in unexplained downvotes on (old) questions/answers?

I recently received a downvote without comment on a question and all of its answers, which are good independent of the value of my question imo. I’ve also had two other questions receive similar ...
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Downvoting and Closing of a Good Question

This seems to be a perfectly good (i.e. interesting and nontrivial) question that was downvoted and closed for mysterious reasons. As far as I can tell, the main objection is that the author ...
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Seeing up/down votes of your own posts

When a user reaches 1000 reputation they become an established user. With that comes the ability to see the number of up and down votes on any post. While I have no problem with this privelege being ...
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How about a way to flag a question for migration to another site without down voting it

If the question is valid, it seems churlish to down-vote it, especially since doing so affects the user's reputation adversely. Sure, it's a mistake to ask a question on the wrong SE site, but I don't ...
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Incentivizing ‘bad’ questions

As a 5+ year member of MO, I remember the old days when upvotes on questions only netted you 5 points as opposed to the current 10. While I was generally glad to see good questions being rewarded in a ...
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Unable to delete this post

I have been wanting to delete this post for quite sometime. Unfortunately a user already answered and my reputation is so low that I can’t accept or delete it. Note my original question is nothing ...
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Should there be Anonymous Comments?

I currently got a downvote for my question Making a Graph Eulerian for Applying TSP Heuristics, but unfortunately the downvoter didn't leave a comment explaining what the motivation was, thus ...
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Can you suggest some negative point in this post

Can one suggest me some negative points in the following post with several downvote Thank you
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