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Should there be Anonymous Comments?

I currently got a downvote for my question Making a Graph Eulerian for Applying TSP Heuristics, but unfortunately the downvoter didn't leave a comment explaining what the motivation was, thus ...
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Can anyone learn anything from a downvote without an accompanying rationale in a comment?

I have been on enough web boards in both the arts and sciences that I have learned not to be bothered by downvotes in and of themselves. What does bother me is a downvote without an accompanying ...
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Can I see who voted for what after I die?

I would like to know who has up- and (most importantly!) downvoted my questions. Will I find out after I die? What do different religions/beliefs say about this? I would happily convert to see the ...
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Downvoting systematically a user

I have got 8 downvotes in the last 2 days, on various questions and answers. Clearly someone is mad at me... Is there any way to stop that? Thanks!
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Reverse an accidental downvote

I just noticed (by looking at my reputation) that I accidentally downvoted the following answer: Oscillation of the summatory Möbius function This was (probably) because I was reading the ...
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Why this question is not welcomed but others are welcomed in MO?

May I wonder why this question is not welcomed: accidental-unplanned-breakthroughs-in-mathematics see the votes-down. And unfriendly responses. but many others are even more broad or more opinion-...
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Down vote without comment

I received a down vote on this question without any comment. Can one help me to understand how this question could be improved? I think that a moral and implicit policy of MO is that a comment ...
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Serial downvoting

I received 4 downvotes within a short amount of time, I suspect it has been the same person. I think a mechanism should be installed that no user $u$ can downvote more than one post with a positive ...
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Remove down-voting or show down-votes in the separate counter

I have been reading this question and answers and I have submitted the answer there which is really a question. I have added it there, because it come to my mind after reading the questions and ...
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