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This tag is for questions deleted from the site, or in a deleting process. The tag 'specific-question' should also be used when referencing a specific question.

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Removing questions after answers

I recently gave a simple counter example to a question posed (I'm sure the mods can see the question). Probably the user was embarrassed by this. The question was promptly deleted and with that my ...
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Why can't I edit my own deleted questions?

I recently asked a question, thought about it, decided to delete it, and I wanted to add a short note after deleting it explaining why I removed the question. It turns out, I couldn't edit the ...
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Question mysteriously deleted

I answered a question earlier today. It asked something like for an element $g$ of a free group, does there exist a finite-index subgroup of the free group such that g is a basis element of the ...
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Why was this question (sorting a countable infinite set) deleted?

A recent question on the complexity of sorting a countable infinite set (Sorting of countabe set) was apparently deleted. I'm curious why. (Certainly, the question was poorly written, with no ...
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Question disappeared?

I posted this on meta.math.SE but they couldn't locate my question so I guess I had asked here. I copied my meta question below. I asked a question like a year ago. It was pretty detailed. Recently I ...
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Did few of my questions disappear without notification or trace?

I strongly suspect one or two of my questions disappeared without notification or trace on my user page in the last month. Is this true? Is there efficient algorithm to find links to the missing ...
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Recovering just for me my deleted question (or answer)

I am sorry to ask. There was an MO Q. by me (which addressed in an elementary way the infinity axiom, actually by just providing another formulation of algebraic flavor). I have carelessly deleted my ...
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Is deleting posts a good practice?

In principle, MO posts can be cited in papers; on the other hand, MO posts get deleted sometimes. There is a risk, then, of referring a MO post which no longer exists. Is deleting posts a good ...
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Can I delete one of my posts that has been closed as off topic and received an answer with positive up-vote?

Can I delete one of my posts that has been closed as off topic and received an answer with positive up-vote? Should I delete all my posts that has been closed as off topic? (with/out answer)
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