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This tag is for questions deleted from the site, or in a deleting process. The tag 'specific-question' should also be used when referencing a specific question.

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Can I somewhere see my own deleted questions?

Don't worry, I won't try to sneakily repost them or otherwise bother anyone else besides me with them. I just felt like it would be nice to see what sort of questions I was thinking about a couple of ...
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Is there a way to check all questions/answers posted from a deleted account

Suppose I know an account number, say user313948. Is there any way to check all questions/answers posted by that user?
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2 votes
0 answers

Recovering just for me my deleted question (or answer)

I am sorry to ask. There was an MO Q. by me (which addressed in an elementary way the infinity axiom, actually by just providing another formulation of algebraic flavor). I have carelessly deleted my ...
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56 votes
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Deleted answered question / arXiv posts based on unacknowledged MO posts

I'd like to mention here two possibly related facts: (a) Soon after this question was answered, there was an arXiv paper posted providing the same answer (b) Soon after this closely related ...
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Removing questions after answers

I recently gave a simple counter example to a question posed (I'm sure the mods can see the question). Probably the user was embarrassed by this. The question was promptly deleted and with that my ...
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Rules for deleting one's own question

Today (2019 July 6) a new user had posted a question that received some upvotes The problem is from contest.Please flag it for removing it and I had provided an answer that didn't solve the problem. ...
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Question disappeared?

I posted this on meta.math.SE but they couldn't locate my question so I guess I had asked here. I copied my meta question below. I asked a question like a year ago. It was pretty detailed. Recently I ...
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How to make sure your questions never disappear in a blackhole?

Let's say some or all of your questions are deleted (by admins, not by yourself), or your account gets deleted (not by yourself). Is there a way to retrieve your questions? From what I've read, this ...
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2 answers

How to know if an old post is deleted, when I cannot find it

I'm looking for a post that I'm 100% sure was still here on this site about a year ago. It probably has tags "big-list" and "soft-question", and at least several of the responses received more than ...
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The question 'Mathematical work of Jonathan Gleason' disappeared

The question was deleted by some unknown person, not long after Jonathan Gleason passed away. I am shocked with the ...
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