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Questions tagged [data-dump]

For questions related to public dumps of MathOverflow and Stack Exchange data.

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7 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to download all your contributions?

Suppose I want to download all my questions and answers, e.g., as separate latex files. Is there a way to do this automatically? For example, this can be done on Facebook and on Google. There are many ...
14 votes
5 answers

Public dumps for mathoverflow?

As far as I remember, there was supposed to be a public dump of the MO database just before the migration: . Not an urgency by any measure, but something that would be ...
62 votes
3 answers

Is there a software solution if we do cut the cord from SE?

There has been some recent concerns about MathOverflow's relationship with StackExchange: see What is MathOverflow's "agreement" with Stack Exchange? How much is MathOverflow exposed to ...
9 votes
2 answers

Do we use the downvote button more than other sites?

Is there data available (besides crawling thousands of questions) on how often we use the downvote button, and how quickly? The motivation for this question is Carlo Beenakker's recent answer on MOM. ...
16 votes
0 answers

Studying the MathOverflow data dump with Mathematica

This is just a mention of some work Wolfram has done recently, allowing you to import a database dump of MathOverflow and analyse it within Mathematica. The Data Science of MathOverflow Their ...
4 votes
1 answer

Time zone in MathOverflow public dumps?

Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question; I wasn't sure where it would be appropriate. I grabbed a public dump of MathOverflow from here. I'm interested in analyzing the ...