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Questions tagged [community-wiki]

A tag for questions about the community wiki feature (regardless of whether or not the questions themselves are community wiki).

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To which extent can one modify another's question?

One highly off-topic question of real analysis was asked in the main site by a new user. One user sent, 1 hour later, a long answer going far beyond the the question, and then, 12 hours later, edited ...
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Clicking question author username sends to revision history

This happens with Every mathematician has only a few tricks: the link with the author username leads to the revision history. I checked several other questions, including some cw (this one is cw), ...
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Should community wiki answers be eligible for bounties?

I posted an answer to this question Kepler conjecture: Are there only two most efficient packings or could there be more than two? summarizing various points made in the comments into a coherent ...
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Why was this question made community wiki?

Yesterday I asked a question seeking published references studying popular games, to start building up an undergraduate research program. Today I woke up to find it had been made community wiki. Now, ...
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Should this question have been CW?

Yesterday I asked a big-list question (Examples of errors in computational combinatorics results). The question is naturally big-list because it asks for various examples. Now I am not quite familiar ...
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Hinting votes for CW contributions

I would like to learn about opinions about visually indicating votes for contributions to community wiki; what I have in mind is something analogous to the green button in the "menue-line" ...
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