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Making it easier to access hidden comments

This is a follow-up of this recent post, and hopefully a feasible suggestion. Problem: If a question/answer has many comments (say more than fit on my screen) and I decide to read them all, in ...
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Converting a too-long answer in a comment should generate an error message

I just tried to convert an answer into a comment; it was too long for a comment, and the software just truncated the text. I think it would be better to either generate an error message, ask for ...
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Only one addtional @user

Why do we have this restriction? There are many circumstances where it is natural to cite several users (especially when several=two) in one comment.
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Occasionally reproducible bug with macro definitions in a draft post affecting macro use in comments

In the course of a discussion involving using MathJax to re-define macros, I couldn't recall if MathJax obeys a \newcommand for an already-defined macro, and so ...
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Math-mode formula in comment breaks incorrectly across lines

In the following comment, both summands should appear before the period: The source for the comment is: ...
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Should @ in referring to some one in comments be changed

Suppose I want to refer some person X in comments, I write @X. Suppose the name of that person is not in English script, it is not clear how to refer that person. Some times it comes automatically ...
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What should I do if I have a question on inactive post?

I recently asked this question about gamma function, and Vincent law commented a link to another post which stated similar question. There I found a link to MathOverflow post. I visited there, and I ...
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Risqué and uninformative title.

I found the previous title of Realizing proper pure octonions as conjugates slightly risqué and also uninformative. So in the spirit of being bold I just changed it to something mathematical. I'...
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reminder for comments/responses

Suppose a user commented on my post and due to some reason I overlooked and then forgot. As it is my question, the one who responded for my question would not care to write another comment if I do ...
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Should there be Anonymous Comments?

I currently got a downvote for my question Making a Graph Eulerian for Applying TSP Heuristics, but unfortunately the downvoter didn't leave a comment explaining what the motivation was, thus ...
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