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Questions tagged [closed-questions]

For questions related to closed questions (and on-hold question) and also process of closing in general.

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Should "The probability for a streak when tossing a coin" be reopened?

The question "The probability for a streak when tossing a coin" is on hold. [Edit: It has been reopened.] I disagree with closing the question and voted to reopen. This problem may sound like it is ...
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Allow questions to be closed as duplicates of questions on

We frequently have questions that are crossposted, e.g. The only options for now are to close as off-topic, ...
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Primarily opinion-based questions/answers

One closing option is primarily opinion-based: Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on ...
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What should you do if you find old duplicates?

Sometimes I discover that "old" MO questions are duplicates of even older MO questions. Two examples: Embarrassingly, I found out that my own question: Formula for number of permutations ...
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Probability question migrated to stats.stackexchange

What has happened to the following question?: Firstly, it looks like a reasonable question to me (although the notation could be improved). Why was it ...
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Questions on Mathematical Writing

Where should I ask about how to approach Mathematical paper writing? For example, the question [How to write an abstract for a math paper? ] was put on hold? Which stack exchange site should I have ...
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Dialog for closure misleading when question has been closed and re-opened

I noticed, when clicking "close" on this question: Breakthroughs in mathematics in 2023, that when a question has been closed and re-opened, and you voted to close it previously, the dialog ...
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Blocked migration to MathSE

The following MO question Why is $O(n;k)$ not connected, and has four connected components? (revisions/timeline) had the following history had a detailed answer (a) has been closed as off-topic (by ...
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Why was my question closed while it looks like similar questions are still open?

Recently, my question regarding a good introductory book on mathematical risk theory was closed because it was deemed off-topic and not research-level mathematics. However, I think that multiple ...
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Accepting an answer to a closed question

To my surprise I discovered that I can accept an answer to my question that has been closed. I am not sure whether it is "good" or "bad", my question is whether it is an intended feature and if yes, ...
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Need details or clarity

I need some help to understand what is unclear with my question A reform of logic to secure naive set theory? and also what details are missing, from other persons perspective.
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A questions about "on hold" status of a question and about "closed" status

I have a question that´s been put "on hold". And I have some questions. Who can see that this question is "on hold"? Can that see all users of the site or even some people who ...
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Should we delete or reopen these old posts?

The purpose of this question is to link to various old (say $\succeq 1$ year old) closed posts, mostly by no longer active users, most of which are reasonable candidates for deletion, and a few for ...
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