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Revamping the closure reasons

Motivation 1 Currently the custom off-topic reasons for MathOverflow read: This question does not appear to be about research level mathematics within the scope defined in the help center. ...
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Are we making it too tempting/easy to send inappropriate posts to MSE?

This "question" (asking for generalized help with a long list of elementary topics) is clearly going to be unwelcome almost anywhere, yet two users voted to close with a suggestion to "see math....
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Allow questions to be closed as duplicates of questions on

We frequently have questions that are crossposted, e.g. The only options for now are to close as off-topic, ...
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New community close vote reason

While doing some cleanup on the home page just now, I noticed that we have a new community specific reason to close. The second option in the list is new, and leaves me slightly confused. While I ...
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What should you do if you find old duplicates?

Sometimes I discover that "old" MO questions are duplicates of even older MO questions. Two examples: Embarrassingly, I found out that my own question: Formula for number of permutations ...
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Downvoting and Closing of a Good Question

This seems to be a perfectly good (i.e. interesting and nontrivial) question that was downvoted and closed for mysterious reasons. As far as I can tell, the main objection is that the author ...
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How to find out why a post was deleted

It would help to know why a post was deleted, I believe in this case automatically by a MO monitoring robot. I am not judging the decision, but would like to know why, to avoid asking such questions ...
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A case when the closure reason might be unclear to the OP (and possibly others)

There is this question I have read about the 3x+1 conjecture so I am thinking of 3x-1 instead closed as not research level. It is about replacing $3n+1$ with $3n-1$ in the Collatz conjecture. OP shows ...
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Not a duplicate, but

Just encountered two questions, ADE type Dynkin diagrams and Is there a common genesis for ADE classifications? IMO, they are very-very similar, but this is not really a duplicate case, rather, ...
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Merge the closing reasons "needs details" and "needs more focus"

I usually find unclear how to choose between the closing reasons "Needs details or clarity" and Needs more focus. Moreover the reasons "Off-topic because..." seem much more ...
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"overestimates topoi" and research level

I wonder now and then, why this question is still open Did Grothendieck overestimate topoi? Usually, MO's members tend to be very strict about what is and what isn't a good question. But why is this ...
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Unable to delete this post

I have been wanting to delete this post for quite sometime. Unfortunately a user already answered and my reputation is so low that I can’t accept or delete it. Note my original question is nothing ...
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Another close reason: "subsumed"?

This happened few hours ago: the question Series involving gamma function about the sum of a specific series, probably not research level, was followed by another one, Series involving factorials ...
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