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Questions tagged [citations]

For questions concerning citation of posts from MO and citation of other resources when posting here.

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How to "cite" MathOverflow answer?

I am writing a paper at the moment and for one proof I use an idea which I got from a MathOverflow answer (at the time I was asking idle questions but later of course found a way to use it). I of ...
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Can we have a "cited by" in a right panel?

For math papers it is possible to check which other papers cite it. Can we have the same thing for Mathoverflow questions/answers? It would be nice to see next to the panels "related" and "linked", a ...
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MO links chopped in gmail pdf viewer

Currently I am preparing the text for a paper (together with two coauthors) where we cite help from MO on two occasions. I am doing this using the cite button. It ...
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