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Questions tagged [chat]

This tag is for questions and bug reports related to the SE chat system.

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Quick or easy methods to post math or diagrams on chat

One of the seeming obstacles to having scheduled informal seminars on chat is the extra work, probably mostly for the leader of the discussion (should there be one), in presenting ideas on the chat ...
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Math Overflow not available as a chat parent user

I was configuring the Teacher's Lounge ping for MO when I realized that currently, the option to change chat parent user to MO is not available. Could this be added? Also, superpings don't seem to ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Chat does not appear in the sidebar

The chat doesn't seem to appear in the sidebar on the main site (although it does on Meta). ManishEarth has suggested that this might be due to the no-ads agreement. I think it would be useful to have ...
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People without math.SE profile cannot join chat?

There appears to be some problem with people who are not members at math.SE conencting to at least one chatroom (the recently created "Homotopy Theory" chat room). That is, people with MO profiles are ...
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Problem with "move to chat" function?

I seem to be having a problem with the "move to chat" button. In a recent question, I received the "consider moving to chat" prompt, and I clicked the proffered button; however, it didn't work. ...
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Algebraic Geometry Chat Room

At the request of Denis Nardin, I have started an MO algebraic geometry chat room at For now I am the room owner, but I am happy to let ...
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